Changing the game with marginalized youth

The Sports Creative co-designs programs with organizations that will empower marginalized and vulnerable youth to take control of their lives.




Our Model

We believe in the power of sport, creativity, and the voices of young people. A key starting block is accepting that young people understand their own context and needs. This empowers youth with confidence, and supports them to identify viable goals and author their futures.

Strengthen Their Voice

Through sports programming, they are able to revert back to their most basic identity – a young person. This supports youth to build the confidence to speak and express themselves.

Identify Their Goals

Through support, discussion and deep-seeded intervention, youth are supported to assess what’s possible for them and how they can achieve it, drawing on the powerful metaphor of sport.


Through training and pathway setting, young people can achieve positive and tangible outcomes for their lives, whether that be reducing their risk situations, or going to school or getting a job.



We work with the world’s most vulnerable young people:

Street and Orphaned Children

Marginalized Girls

Refugees and IDPs

Impoverished & Isolated Youth


Our Process

Our process goal is a community-owned, youth- focused program, designed, resourced, and delivered by the local organization as a result of our support and development. The program will vary depending on the organization, but holistically relies on three fundamental elements:

1. Health, Rights & Well-being 2. Skills for Life 3. Your Story Matters


  • Self-developed framework: using renowned methodology based on up to 12 foundational pillars
  • Kit and Equipment: To enable delivery of the program
  • Funding Partnerships: To support the delivery of the program


  • Organizational infrastructure: a human resource to deliver the program
  • Training: to achieve sustainability
  • Expertise in measurement and evaluation: to ensure impact tracking


  • Local opportunities
  • Outlets for youth to tell their story
  • A library of activities
  • Connections to other organizations globally to continue the development