Studies suggest that today’s children are notably less active than their predecessors. This shift can be attributed to various factors, such as limited access to safe play areas, rising costs, increased screen engagement, and more sedentary lifestyles.

The Sports Creative’s Play Curriculum is a beacon, guiding communities to conceptualize, initiate, and sustain play-centric programs tailored to their needs.

Our distinctive storytelling approach empowers communities to design programs that resonate with their unique circumstances and aspirations.


Through active play, young people revert to their most basic identity – being a young person. Our activities support young people’s physical, mental, and social development.


Through storytelling, we support each young person to be the author of their journey. They are exploring themes such as heritage, values, and goals whilst increasing confidence through skills learning and application.


We offer experiential learning for young people through storytelling. From skills learning to content creation, the Play curriculum supports each participant in their personal, educational, and career development.