We believe in the power of three fundamental elements:

GOALS (Holistic well-being)

Through our integrated sports and storytelling activities, youth participants are, first and foremost, offering a safe space to play and develop. They are also supported and guided on physical, emotional, and mental health. This is all delivered within a ‘team’ setting where supportive family and community foundations are reinforced.

VOICES (Storytelling)

Confidence in authoring and sharing your story is critical to positive youth development toward adulthood. It supports mental and social wellbeing, contributing to the community, school, and career.

Through focused activities, young people explore formative issues including identity, values, goals, skills, rights, and how to become the author of their life-journey. This is a resource for the youth to draw on into adulthood and throughout their lives.

CHOICES (Skills)

One of The Sports Creative’s key aims is to support youth in their current context and build a viable roadmap to reach their goals based on their values and skills. Learning skills gives young people more choices and agency to achieve their goals.  Skills taught through our curriculum include leadership, teamwork, and storytelling through written word, photography, video, and spoken word.