We are Rugby Mictlán. We chose the word ‘Mictlán’ from our Mexican culture; it means ‘underworld.’

Our community has a hill known for having a cave that leads to Mictlán. So for us, this name represents a door for each team member to enter and improve.

I am a sports coach, and when working in a private institute, I was introduced to rugby. The camaraderie between players and the game’s values immediately attracted me.

I was invited to play with the National School of Anthropology and History team, but it was far from home, so I started my own team in my community. 

Being a coach, I had the foundations for physical development, so I then took on the task of certifying myself with the International Rugby Federation, obtaining level 1 coaching.

As soon as I was certified, the next step was to create Rugby Mictlán and reach out to my community. 

At first, people questioned rugby, but I explained that is a sport with virtues and values different from any other discipline.

Rugby transforms us holistically; it’s more than just physical activity.

I coach 56 children using a local baseball field. I’m happy we have so many participants. I am satisfied to hear that the kids have learned greater values and are more physically active. 

The children are my greatest teachers. In each training session, I give my best and leave inspired. It is a privilege to share knowledge in helping to train future citizens.

I’m proud of our impact on children, to see these young people evolve and develop their leadership. Moisés is a boy who arrived at our club and was sedentary and demotivated at school. He was physically inactive, and that impacted his mental and social well-being. 

From his first practice session, rugby was a fit for Moisés. He instinctively felt the rhythms of rugby and soon became much more active. 

Moisés became a certified referee with the international rugby federation at the first level. Today he is one of the few Mexican referees we have. In addition, he finished his career as a radiologist. 

Rugby’s holistic approach supports concentration and character development while having fun. Moisés is an example of this.

I dream that Rugby Mictlán builds its foundations, has its own rugby field, joins a league, and gives more to Valle de Chalco. I’m convinced it can help us to have a better community. I want Rugby Mictlán to be one of the biggest rugby clubs in Mexico!

Rugby has helped me form my values and who I am; it has fostered discipline, respect, integrity, passion, and solidarity in me. I have given up my goals as an athlete to focus professionally as a coach, I want to create a pool of trained players with good physical and moral foundations. I am currently working as a floor trainer in a gym and a personal trainer in addition to rugby. 

Even if it is not rugby, my passion for the sport has taught me to encourage children to play a sport. I faithfully believe that the discipline of sports can help you reach your goals in life due to sports’ holistic impact.

Today, I have the support of a wonderful woman who always supports me: my wife Andrea, who gave me a beautiful daughter named Valentina; they are my world. 

My love of rugby has intertwined with my family; my wife and daughter are part of the team, and this is our Mictlán.



Voices From Xico is part of a storytelling curriculum featuring nine community Coaches committed to the power of sport. The Coaches are part of the Natlik organization and their partners include love.fútbol y Cityzens Giving (Manchester City), Xylem, Disney, y Coaches Across Continents.