To celebrate the FIFA Women’s World Cup, we’ll proudly showcase Play Like A Girl, a football storytelling program from Brazil.

Play Like A Girl

PLAG is a football-for-good program that combines on-field football sessions with transformational storytelling activities.

Guided by local Coaches Jessica and Drika, PLAG has engaged 15 participants in storytelling, with over 50 girls active in the football sessions.

Women’s football in Brazil is undervalued. At our program, we give girls space to play, value each girl, and don’t let their dreams be interrupted.

Byella da Silva, SCUB Coach & PLAG Storyteller

PLAG redefines the notion of “playing like a girl.” It’s about giving your absolute best, defying stereotypes, overcoming obstacles, and fostering a stronger sense of community.

The team takes immense pride in their stories, hoping to inspire others to embrace the power of playing like a girl.

Delivered by SCUB Rio in collaboration with The Sports Creative, this program is made possible through the support of Qatar Foundation as a legacy of the Street Child World Cup.

SCUB Rio (Associação das Crianças de Rua Unidas) is a registered Brazilian charity dedicated to providing a safe space for children to play in Complexo da Penha, one of Rio’s most dangerous communities (favelas).

Each week during the tournament, we will share stories, quotes, and videos from the inspiring participants of Play Like A Girl.