Expression of Interest

The Sports Creative believe every child should have access to safe and inclusive sports in their community. We welcome communities to approach us and express their interest in transformational sports and storytelling curricula for their children. The first step is for them to complete an Expression of Interest form and return it to our team. 

Curriculum Objectives

Following the Expression of Interest review, we discuss and define the curriculum objectives that will be created for the community and map how that will positively impact the development of children, young people, and the community in general. Once the vision is defined, we will counter-sign a partnership agreement.

Community Mapping & Local Advisory Group

We meet with the community to map key assets within the community which will support the success of the curriculum. These assets include local institutions, organizations, leaders, role models, experts, volunteers, and informal groups. We commit to communicating effectively with all parties to represent their voices and guidance in creating and delivering the curriculum.

We set up a Local Advisory Group to draw on positive community leaders and assess the skills and tools the community can draw on in creating a powerful sports program. The local advisory group is critical to the sports program’s ownership, impact, and sustainability.

Community Coaching

Our Community Coaches are at the heart of our impact. More than a coach, a community coach works within a specific community, committed to sports to support holistic well-being (physical, mental, and social). These are critical components for young people as part of a positive path to adulthood. 

We believe that this process of community coaching is so powerful that it impacts beyond the field by supporting positive community development as a whole. 

Kick Off

Once the Community Coaches are trained, equipped, and supported by the Local Advisory Group, we are ready to begin the curriculum with the participants in the community. The Coaches will deliver activities in sports and storytelling that they have created to meet the impact needs of their participants.

Monitor & Evaluation

We’re committed to assessing our program’s effectiveness according to each participant’s physical, mental, and social well-being. In addition, we are measuring skills in terms of new skills not only learned but also applied. An example is a participant who learns how to write their story in terms of writing skills and does so through an assignment to share their story. We are always looking to improve our process and impact.

M&E also offers accountability for the program’s organizers, partners, and stakeholders, keeping us on track for our curriculum objectives. The data we collect from the communities we serve shapes the direction of our work.

We collect data through coaches’ monitoring sessions and participant feedback in both surveys and reviews.

Ongoing Support

We work with communities that have been underrepresented in and underserved by broader society. These communities have rarely had their voices heard, and community development is an ongoing process over time. Therefore, we don’t see any community relationship as finite but as a growing impact ecosystem. Our programs are designed to be delivered between 6 months and 3 years, but we continue our partnerships indefinitely and are available to support community partners as required and as resources allow.