How we support organizations

We help communities self-develop frameworks that equip young leaders to deliver & sustain critical play activities. Here’s how we work with organizations to achieve our mission:

blank canvas design

To create something, the first thing needed is a foundation – a canvas. This first step of our methodology uses our expert academics and community workers to co-create a framework for the local organization based on up to 12 foundational Pillars:

  • Reality realization
  • Pillar identification
  • Theory of Change
  • Measurement approach

Tools Resource implementation

Once the foundation is set and the canvas prepped, one needs the tools to create and build. The second step of our methodology provides the organization with the crucial resources to implement the program:

  • Kit & Equipment
  • Funding
Skills Capacity building

In order to create something meaningful, one needs the knowledge and skillset. The third and nal part of our methodology trains the organization in both operations and content, enabling the organization to deliver the program long-term without relying externally:

  • Training
  • Organizational infrastructure
Visibility Platforms

Finally, once something is created, it needs to be seen, experienced, and appreciated in order for the creator to be able to continue. The final phase of our methodology provides platforms for organizations to promote their program:

  • Outlets for youth to story-tell
  • Library of activities
  • Connections to a global network of sport and social impact experts