Empowering North East Philadelphia’s youth through soccer.
In 2020, The Sports Creative took a monumental step forward in our mission to foster community growth and inclusivity through play. We introduced FC Max Myers, a free soccer program right in the heart of North East, Philadelphia. This was made possible by love.fútbol and Cityzens Giving (Manchester City).

Primarily centered around the Oxford Circle community, this initiative is more than just about soccer. It’s a beacon of hope for immigrant and refugee children, allowing them to engage in a sport that transcends borders and cultures.

A significant highlight of our journey has been training and empowering over 10 young individuals from the community to take on the role of community coaches. Their dedication and hard work have been instrumental in bringing over 180 children on board this year alone.

This year we were incredibly proud to build on our partnership with love.fútbol as our program received one of their state-of-the-art multi-play spaces – which we call the ‘Soccer Cage.’ With their unwavering support and partnerships with Philadelphia Parks & Rec, the Office of State Representative Jared Solomon, the Pincus Family Foundation, Beyond Sport, and ESPN, the Soccer Cage is up and running and serving the community.

The Sports Creative has been deeply involved at every step – from initial planning and community engagement to the construction, inauguration, and crucial community sustainability plan. Over 40 volunteers joined. us in painting, gardening, and beautifying the area around the Soccer Cage. We were delighted to offer the volunteers Syrian dishes by Asmaa Diab and Afghan specialties by Mir Hashimi.
But our journey doesn’t end here. Our dedicated coaches continue offering free soccer sessions for kids at the Soccer Cage, ensuring a space where physical, mental, and social well-being is encouraged and celebrated.
We face a bottleneck of needing more coaches to meet the demand for soccer. This requires resources for us to identify, train, and equip more coaches. If you can help, join us and be part of the change!

Together, we’re more than just a soccer program; we’re a community movement transforming lives.