Their Voice. Their Goals. Their Future.

Every life has value, but for millions of young people around the world, society and daily life is proving otherwise. It doesn’t have to be this way. We partner with local communities to deliver sports & creative programs with young people. Our programs focus on supporting youth at-risk through their well-being, development, and equipping them with skills for life.

The outcome is a measurable curriculum contributing to multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Our programs currently support over 2,000 young people every year in Brazil, Mexico, and the USA.

love.fútbol & The Pincus Family Foundation

In 2019 The Sports Creative partnered with love.fútbol and The Pincus Family Foundation to deliver a football for development program in Valle de Chalco, Mexico. The program was in addition to the community football field created by love.fútbol. The Sports Creative co-designed & delivered the program with local organization Natlik who make it available to up to 800 youth per year. The Sports Creative provide ongoing support on monitoring & evaluation.

Fundacion Casa Alianza Mexico (FCAM)

FCAM serve 500 children & adolescents aged 12 to 18 who have lived in situations of social neglect, where basic care was omitted or violated, and who have suffered abuse, violence, trafficking, sexual and labor exploitation, unaccompanied migrants or for any reason have had to survive on the streets.

We are co-delivering a football for development program for the organization to use in its shelters and through its street outreach team. The program will impact up to 800 socially abandoned girls & boys aged 12-17 in Mexico City. This is a key age group when safe play, positive development structures and opportunities are critical.


Street Child United Brazil is a registered Brazilian charity, founded to support the delivery of the 2014 Street Child World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. SCUB offer an all-weather football field away from the violence of the streets. Participation offers a positive community support structure which has been missing for many of the children, this is focused on engagement, healing, and development for each youth. SCUB employ two youth from the community to deliver their program to an average of 45 children every day.

Our partnership is for girls & boys aged 8-18 in the community (favela) of Complexo da Penha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Penha is classified as one of the most violent communities in Rio and has suffered from historic social exclusion. Children and adolescents are the most acutely impacted.

The methodology will be co-designed by The Sports Creative and SCUB leading to ownership and sustainability by SCUB. SCUB will receive a measurable curriculum, supporting them to achieve sustainability and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S) in their local context.

My Goals. My Voice. will expand SCUB’s operations from 45 youth participants to 100 as a daily average and it will be available to 300 youth.


More to follow