COVID-19 is a global pandemic the likes of which have not been seen in over a hundred years. For at-risk children in marginalized communities, this has cut off a critical lifeline – the power of play. Play through the sports and the arts is a key tool in childhood development; supporting their physical, mental, and social well-being. That’s what the Sports Creative is all about; so far we have trained 21 coaches who offer the power of play to over 700 children & youth. In March all of our programs went into lockdown. 

Join us for this informal & interactive happy hour, share stories from your community, hear stories from ours, and discuss how we can all support hope & resilience through the power of play.

Hosted By

Donald Wine II
Board Secretary of The Sports Creative, Donald has dedicated his life to inspiring change through soccer. Serving on the national board of the American Outlaws co-manager of Stars & Stripes FC and contributor to Black & Red United and Duke Basketball Report.

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Speakers include

Joe Hewitt
CEO & Founder of The Sports Creative discusses the power of play for community impact and adapting to a global pandemic.

Dr Renée Pirkl
A psychologist, human performance specialist & Sports Creative board member – on the pressures of a pandemic for children & youth.

Lisbeth Custodio
The Sports Creative local coordinator in the Dominican Republic on how the communities we work in have been impacted, have adapted, and are moving forward.

Adam Reid
CEO of Street Child United Brazil on how the favela communities are staying stronger than the COVID storm which has swept Brazil.