Coach Biel is one of our lead coaches in Rio de Janeiro, at our partner program SCUB. Biel was shot in the head at close range while returning home to the community from his work. He survived but required dental surgery.

We teamed up with SCUB to fundraiser for Biel’s surgeries. Biel had four surgeries in total to reconstruct his jaw. The surgeries were a success, he is now without pain and can eat normally once more.
Thank you for supporting Biel and his recovery! He’s an awesome guy, loved by the kids he serves.

SCUB Rio is a football for development program on Caracol Hill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The program offers a Safe Space for children to play and develop supporting their physical, mental and social wellbeing. It is located in one of the most violent communities (favelas) in Rio.



As a result of the daily violence that affects the Caracol neighborhood in Complexo da Penha, one year ago, Gabriel ‘Biel’ da Silva (26 years old), was shot in the head as he entered the community, when coming home from work. Unknown to Biel there was an outbreak of violence in the area and he was shot in a case of mistaken identity. He was wearing his motorcycle helmet and the bullet passed through one cheek and exited the other, impacting his jawbone and teeth.



Fortunately, Biel survived and was rushed to emergency care. However, the injury has impacted Biel’s life as his jaw and teeth were severely damaged.

Thanks to your support, Biel has fully recovered and is now coaching again!