More Than a Place to Play: My Soccer Experience

    More Than a Place to Play is where you can grow up and be a community; people can have a good time with whoever it is and do anything. My name is Alyssa Flowers. I’m 17 years old and live in the Orange Mount neighborhood,…

When the home run connects with the community

Everything good starts with a little fear. The more I learned about the beautiful sport of baseball, the more I developed as a person.

Football Can Shape Your Environment

I have played football since I was a child, only there were no girls' teams then, but I started playing with my cousins and friends in my community. Since then, football has been the key to everything I have achieved and still have to achieve.

Football Is An Escape For Our Children

I strongly believe that sport creates healthier relationships on the field and in the community. On a mental level, sport distracts from anxiety and supports calm. 

The crazy journey that football can take you on

My name is Harley Hewitt, I’m 18 years old. I'm volunteering for The Sports Creative, and this is my story. I grew up in a very suburban county called Devon on the south-west coast of England. I’ve lived there since I was 6 when I first…

Soccer Cage: Launched!

Empowering North East Philadelphia's Youth Through Soccer.

Um Lugar Cheio de Esperança

Meu nome é Nicolly, tenho 12 anos e nasci no Rio de Janeiro. Moro na comunidade do Caracol que fica no Complexo da Penha. Minha família é composta por 6 pessoas, moramos todos na mesma casa. Divido meu quarto com minhas outras duas…