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A Place Full of Hope

My name is Nicolly da Silva, I’m 12 years old and I was born in Rio de Janeiro. I live in the community of Caracol that is located in Complexo da Penha.  There are 6 of us in my family, and we all live in the same house. I share my room with my two […]

Da favela para trabalhar com a Adidas

Meu nome é Ana Clara Silva Ferreira, tenho 20 anos. Eu jogo como uma menina e tenho orgulho disso. Comecei a usar a frase ‘Jogue como uma garota’ para nosso time de futebol feminino em nossas redes sociais. O que costumava ser uma frase de escárnio, para menosprezar as pessoas, usamos para mostrar o quanto […]

From the favela to working with Adidas

My Name is Ana Clara Silva Ferreira; I’m 20 years old. I play like a girl, and I’m proud of it. I started using the phrase ‘Play Like A Girl’ for our girls’ football team on social media. What used to be a phrase of derision (to belittle people) we use to show how good […]

Play Like A Girl

To celebrate the FIFA Women’s World Cup, we’ll proudly showcase Play Like A Girl, a football storytelling program from Brazil. Play Like A Girl PLAG is a football-for-good program that combines on-field football sessions with transformational storytelling activities. Guided by local Coaches Jessica and Drika, PLAG has engaged 15 participants in storytelling, with over 50 […]

We are Rugby Mictlán

We are Rugby Mictlán. We chose the word ‘Mictlán’ from our Mexican culture; it means ‘underworld.’ Our community has a hill known for having a cave that leads to Mictlán. So for us, this name represents a door for each team member to enter and improve. I am a sports coach, and when working in […]

Somos Rugby Mictlán  

Nosotros somos Rugby Mictlán. Elegimos la palabra ‘Mictlán’ de nuestra cultura mexicana; significa ‘inframundo’. Nuestra comunidad tiene un cerro conocido por tener una cueva que conduce al Mictlán. Entonces, para nosotros, este nombre representa una puerta para que cada miembro del equipo entre y mejore. Soy Adrián Ramón Alvarado, entrenador deportivo comunitario. Cuando trabajaba en […]


Football is like life for girls

It hasn’t always been easy. As a woman, I have faced challenges. When a girl starts playing football, she must remember that she is just as important and strong as any other person and should never doubt herself.  My name is Aileen Pérez de la Cruz; I am 23 years old and a community football […]


Voices From Xico

A Storytelling Series Celebrating Sports & Community We’re proud to introduce Voices from Xico from our new storytelling curriculum. In each series, we team up with community organizations, offering skills learning and story assignments focused on sports and community. Their Goals. Their Voices. Their Choices. Discover the vibrant community of Xico City, nestled in the […]

Football is my safe place 🇸🇻 🇺🇸

When my life was at risk, I played football, and when I fled my country, I kept playing. When I face problems, I turn to football. My name is Jenny Diaz; I’m 18yrs old and a coach for The Sports Creative program FC Max Myers in Philadelphia. I was born and raised in El Salvador […]