We’re so proud to be a partner of the Rexona Breaking Limits Program, and to have created a module for the Breaking Limits training series titled “Goals. Voices. Choices”.

Rexona, also known as Degree, Sure, or Shield, is a Unilever antiperspirant and deodorant brand dedicated to getting people moving.  “Goals. Voices. Choices.” explores  movement and play as youth development tools for personal goal-mapping, confidence, and positive decision-making. Creating movement activities to achieve goals on and off the field.

The Breaking Limits program has been developed by Rexona in partnership with Beyond Sport, who are a global force for social change through sport and have supported and guided the Sports Creative since inception.

The training series will empower young people across the world with the confidence and opportunity to move more by equipping coaches, teachers and community leaders with the skills to fuel long-term behaviour change that will ultimately help transform the lives of the young people they reach!

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We believe in the power of sport and movement for young people and that every young person should have access to safe play. We are proud members of the sport for development community and are delighted for this opportunity to work alongside leading organizations supporting youth access to play, including Coaches Across Continents and The Change Foundation. Together we have designed and delivered online video and program content for organizations around the world to use in their sustainable local play-based programming. Because through movement, everyone can find the confidence to break limits.


Goals. Voices. Choices.



And then there was football!

We’re delighted to have launched the FC Max Myers football program in the Oxford Circle section of lower Northeast Philadelphia. Bringing football for development activities to children and youth of the area.

This program is delivered on behalf of and made possible by our inspirational partners love.fútbol and Cityzens Giving who are committed to the power of football in underserved communities across the world. The Sports Creative delivers the program in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Rec.

Following our GOALS methodology, FC Max Myers is owned and sustained by the community and offers:

  • A safe space for soccer; for local children & youth
  • Coaching opportunities for local young leaders
  • Mentorship from community coaches
  • Positive community reflection activities
  • Volunteering for those who believe in the power of soccer
  • Community-owned program management & sustainability structure

Launched at the end of May, sessions are so far averaging 26 children, having involved over 60 children in the activities. Sessions take place Tuesday and Thursday with the aim of expanding soon to a third session. FC Max Myers has two ‘Local Coaches’ supported by four volunteer ‘Mentor Coaches’.

FC Max Myers is situated in Oxford Circle which is one of the most ethnically and racially diverse sections of the city and the program represents this. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer analysis of the US Census figures, the number of Oxford Circle residents living in poverty has risen 352% between 1990 and 2017. One in four residents live below the poverty line, with obesity and asthma rising issues in young people. The COVID pandemic has heightened mental stress for children and youth in a number of ways at home and in their community.

NextCity.org give a snapshot of the population boom in Oxford Circle and its transition as a community

“Refugees and immigrants, documented and undocumented, are replacing an aging white population, bringing with them new foods, new customs, new expectations for their futures. As they do, education needs are changing — both for the surge in young people, and for their parents, who are often also learning a new language, adapting to local customs and seeking work.”

That’s why The Sports Creative is increasing opportunities for inclusive, active, recreation for local youth to support their physical, mental and social well-being. Our unique GOALS methodology focuses on the goals, voices and choices of each participant from the field into their everyday lives.

To support this program or find out more, please contact: Lisbeth@thesportscreative.com

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